Registration fee will be 50 euro for all participants

Keynote presentations will last 30 min + 10 min discussion. Oral presentations will be of 15 minutes sharp + 5 minutes questions.

All news on the Workshop will be updated on this website and on Twitter via @ChemPhosSpain

If you have any special query, do not hesitate to contact us.


- Registration and talks: Carlos Santamaría Center, Pl. de Elhuyar, 2, 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián.

The Carlos Santarmaría Center is located at the campus of the university, which is at the ‘Antiguo’ neighborhood and it is easily accessed by bus connections from any part of the city.

    -From train (RENFE) or Bus stations (Connection to Bilbao’s Airport):

                Bus line 45

                Direction: Antiguo-Aiete,

                Stop name: Unibertsitateta Tol. 70 I

La Concha beach is about 5 min waking from the Carlos Santamaría Center and the city center is at 15 min by bus (Old town: Bus numbers 5 and 25 (Direction: Boulevard, last stop); City Centre: Bus numbers 5, 25 (Direction: Boulevard, Stop: Askatasuna hiribidea / Avenida Libertad). Note that from the University Campus to the City Centre, lines 5 and 25 follow the same path, but they follow slightly different ways from the City Centre back to the University Campus.

Options for Lunch:

There are many options to have lunch close to Carlos Santamaría building:

(a)Jose Maria Barriola cantine

(b)Computer Science Faculty cantine

(c)Chemstry Faculty cantine

(d)Psicology Faculty cantine

(e)Engineering School cantine

    Bars that offer lunch at moderate prize

(f)Cafe deMario

(g) Ñam restaurant

(h)The Good Burger

(i)Malandrino Pizzeria







Options for Dinner:

Bars and restaurants (g)–(m) (see above maps shown for lunch) offer dinner close to the Venue.

If you decide to visit the city after the conference, there are many options for having pintxos at ‘parte vieja’ neigborhood (see above).

-Fermin Calbetón Street (marked in green): Fermin Calbeton Kalea is the most famous street for taking pintxos in Donostia-San Sebastián. In this street, you will find two or three bars in very step.

- August 31 street (marked in blue)

- Constitution Square (marked in orange)

   Some of the bars are:

(o) Goiz-Argi

(p) Bar Sport

(q) Borda Berri

(r) Cuchara de San Telmo

(s) La Viña (Famous Cheesecake)

(t) Paco Bueno

(u) Ganbara

(v) 148 Gastroleku

(w) Cervecería Etxeberria

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place in an urban-cider house at the city center

How to arrive to Donostia-San Sebastian

- From Bilbao’s Airport (Loiu Ariport):

This is the international airport of the Basque Country, and offers an Airport shuttle service to Donostia-San Sebastian at the exit of the arrivals lounge (50 min trip, service from 6:45 until 22:45 every hour, only two stops). This bus stops at the Bus station.

Tickets can be bought in an automatic machine inside the airport (close to the bus stop) or inside the bus. In this latter case, it is recommended to pay with cash.

- From San Sebastians’s Airport (Hondarribia Ariport):

There is an Airport shuttle service to Donostia-San Sebastian at the exit of the arrivals lounge (40 min trip, service from 8:35 until 19:35, every hour, several stops). This bus goes directly to the University Campus (stop Tolosa Hiribidea 70).

Further useful information may be found on:

- From Biarritz’s Airport:

There is a limited Airport shuttle service to Donostia-San Sebastian that leaves at 12:50, 18:20 and 21:50. This bus stops at the Bus station.

Useful links:

How to get to San Sebastian:

Practical information:

How to move around:

Maps, guides, tourist information:

Restaurants and bars guide:

Photos and videos:



Inexpensive shared rooms

- Koisi

A Room in the city

Hotels (40–70 € / night):

- Ondarreta Beach Hotel

- Hotel Distrito Oeste**

- Hotel La Galería**

- Hotel Antik San Sebastián***

- Hotel Codina ***

- Hotel Barcelo Costa Vasca****

Hotels (80–100 € / night): 80–100 € noche

- NH Collection San Sebastian Aranzazu****

- Hotel Ilunion San Sebastián****

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